The world is designed for men.

When was the last time you bought a jacket?

I got one two weeks ago, and unstitched the outer pockets (I was pleased it had some) only to find out that they’re size of my oyster card. No pockets inside the jacket! When I was a kid, my jeans jacket had pockets inside! That’s where I kept my wallet and bus tickets! So did my winter coat!

Today, my partner’s jackets have FIVE inner pockets.


Mine have NONE.

A friend of mine has children who go to school.
Yesterday I asked her, “Do [Girls’s name] school clothes have pockets?”. She replied “Only her pinafore dress has some patch pockets, but these clothes are very cheaply made, you can’t expect them to have pockets”.
So I asked “And [boy’s name], do his trousers have pockets?”. “Yes, she replied, every single pair, regardless of price. Point made.’
Even school-aged girls are being denied pockets, while the boys in their schools have them.

Are women content to live in a world where all the pockets go to the men?

I’m not.

My name is Sophie and in early 2015, I founded At first I thought I would be making, quite literally, dresses with pockets. I sew dresses for myself (as Seamstress Sophie), and can make a prototype or two, but manufacturing? That’s much more complicated.

So a year on, and still without any dresses to sell, I decided that maybe I didn’t need to sell anything.

Pockets for women is more than just me making dresses.
It’s about gender equality.
It’s about being able to carry all the things we need for going out to lunch and still have our hands free to open doors.
It’s about feeling that phone call ring because it’s against your body, not swimming around in a handbag.
It’s about honesty, and having a pocket be fit to carry something rather than be decorative. Men don’t have decorative pockets.

Maybe it is enough to find all the women who need pockets, and ask them what they use them for, show them how to add them to their existing wardrobes, and guide them towards clothes that respect our need for pockets!

Some shops do, occasionally, as if by mistake, put pockets in their clothes for women. This is infrequent and inconsistent, but laudable!

On the website, I will be listing all the women’s clothes I find that have pockets in them. There will also be sewing patterns (why make a dress yourself and NOT put pockets in it?!), and tutorials for adding pockets to bags, dresses, skirts, and jackets.

This isn’t a shop, or a blog, or just a website.

It’s a movement.


Join DressesWithPockets today, and be part of our journey.