Dresses with pockets! The movement is born.

It’s May 2016. I’m having coffee with a former colleague. That’s doing her an injustice. She was my boss. But I think we learned from each other, and now we work in surprisingly similar environments, so that’s why I think of her more as a colleague.

She tells me about a clothing business she was helping advise on blogging and social media strategy, and how it floundered. i listened, intently, because I’ve been wanting to get dresses with pockets made, but I am scared.
I tell her I’m scared. Ask her what went wrong. They’d been too slow in having entry-point items on their shop, and didn’t choose something easy and generic when they finally got them. Now they’re bankrupt.

I told her about my dresses with pockets idea, the making of the dresses… and she lit up.

“But it’s more than about clothing! It’s a lifestyle choice! I wear men’s jeans because they’re the only ones with deep enough pockets to keep things safe when I cycle.” I stared at her. I wore men’s clothes at school and uni.
I had forgotten.

No wonder that when I “graduated” into women’s clothes I had to start carrying a bag!!

And that’s when I realised… Dresses with pockets doesn’t need to be about selling dresses at all. At least not at the beginning.

It’s about women who need pockets, and what they do with them.

About all of us who wore (and sometimes still wear) men’s clothes because women’s clothes are … well… badly thought out.

It’s for changing how fashion makers think.

To unite all the women – and men – who would like everyone, regardless of gender, to be able to leave their desk at lunchtime
with their hands free!

To share the good discoveries of dresses with pockets that we can buy today.

And slowly change the minds of the world into giving pockets to everybody.

This isn’t a shop.
It’s a movement.

It’s happening, whether I want it or not. So I’d better start documenting it and encouraging it and hosting a forum for it. Because I sure as hell believe that everyone deserves to have nice, big, convenient pockets in their clothes!!

Join Dresses With Pockets!

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