Fabric samples!

Last week, a few days before moving house, I went to the Textile Forum, a Textile fair in London. It was amazing!


There were fabric manufacturers everywhere, specialists in silks, in linings, in bridal fabrics and other notions. It was great! And I believe I may have found the perfect fabric to prototype the Dresses with Pockets in! Ideally, I would like to use wool crepe, but that costs a lot, so I’d only want to use it for the real thing.

What I found is a blend which feels so very very comfortable against the skin, I was stunned! It’s not as expensive as wool, but it has a similar texture, look, and drape.

It also comes in a large array of wonderful colours, and is easily washable, making it the absolutely perfect fabric for at least the prototypes, if not a full range of spring and autumn dresses. Aren’t the colours beautiful?

The colour I am most tempted to get it the lime green. I have no idea why. Perhaps because Spring is in the air!

What’s your favourite?

Which ones would you want to wear? (choose up to 7)

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